Akkampally Reservoir

Aurora Reservoir

The Aurora Reservoir is a water supply reservoir for the city of Hyderabad. The reservoir supplies the drinking water for more than one million people in the city. The Godavari Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board, the state’s water distribution authority, draw water from the Aurora Reservoir and delivers it to the city. Water Reservoir supplies drinking water to over one million people in the city.

In one incident on Tuesday, two people drowned in the AMRP’s main canal. The victims were Kondapalli Ramu, 20, and Kappari Siddhu, 12. They were rag pickers who were collecting bottles from tourists. Kondapalli Ramu and Kappari Siddhu were reportedly washing their bodies in the canal. Both victims were men, and the accident was not caused by drunken drivers or drugged tourists.

While there are private pipelines connecting the Aurora Reservoir and the Udaya Samudram reservoir, the project is too far away and will incur unnecessary expenditure. The government changed its plan after the opposition’s outcry. The district collector should remove the pipelines. The water crisis in the state capital is the most pressing concern for irrigation officials. Currently, the district’s irrigation officials are supplementing the supply to the city by tapping the horsetooth reservoir. However, the problems related to interconnectivity continue to plague the irrigation department.

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