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The Importance of Adequate Sleep

Introduction Adequate Sleep

Getting adequate sleep is important for many reasons. Besides its health benefits, it can improve your mood and immune system. In addition to its cognitive and physical benefits, sleep is also vital to maintaining social and emotional intelligence. Studies have shown that the length of sleep you get every night can affect your social and emotional intelligence. In fact, in a study published in the Journal of Sleep Research, students who had fewer hours of sleep each night showed a decrease in emotional empathy.

Although the association between sleep and health is largely understood, many factors must be considered to increase the odds of getting enough sleep. Getting at least six hours of sleep a night is essential for human health. Adequate sleep is defined as a period of sleep that is 6 to 8 hours long, every night. It helps the body recover from the day’s activities and enables the brain to perform essential functions. Protein synthesis is particularly active during this time, and is a major component of sleep.

The amount of Adequate Sleep you get depends on the age and stage of your life. School-age children should get nine to 11 hours of sleep, while toddlers should sleep between twelve and fourteen hours. Infants and newborns should get fourteen to seventeen hours of sleep. Children and adults can vary in their sleep needs due to genetic, behavioral, and environmental factors. A good seven to eight hours of sleep will improve your health, but even one or two hours less per night can have negative effects on your alertness and performance.

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