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What Is an Appliance?

What Is an Appliance?

An appliance is a piece of machinery that runs on electricity or natural gas. They are used in various household functions and make up nearly all of the home’s energy consumption. Some examples of appliances include washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, microwaves, toasters, and dishwashers. In the United States, these types of devices account for approximately 35% of total household energy use. This figure includes both electricity and gas used to heat water. Here’s a look at some common words and phrases associated with an what is an appliance.

An appliance is a large electronic device that is used in a home. Common examples of appliances include refrigerators, washers, dryers, ovens, ranges, and dishwashers. But appliances aren’t just for the home. They can also be used in dentistry. These appliances can correct oral problems, such as misaligned upper or lower jaws. For example, a dishwasher works to keep dishes clean, while a microwave oven cooks food fast.

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