A Nuclear Inspection Robot Could Save Lives

Could a Nuclear Inspection robot save lives?

What does the future hold for a robot that will inspect nuclear submarines? The Navy offered to fund Ballard’s mission to the Titanic. Although few of the passengers on the Titanic knew about the real reason for the search, it was assumed by civilians that Ballard had secured funding for his project. The robotic survey showed that the Thresher and Scorpion had both sunk, but that the Titanic’s main staircase remained intact. After the Titanic sank, Ballard was asked to return and take photographs of the wreck. However, the results of this mission are classified.

Could a nuclear inspection robot save lives?

The Japanese government is also working on a Nuclear Inspection robot, known as a “nukebot,” for the Browns Ferry nuclear reactor. The robot is 600 pounds and made by Remotec of Oak Ridge, Tenn. It can perform visual inspection of working nuclear reactors and can also listen for leaks. In addition, the robot can also measure radiation levels, temperature, and humidity. Odetics, another firm, has also developed a legged-motion machine called an emu robot.

The scientists developed a robot that can walk on uneven terrain. They designed the robot to be able to maneuver stairs and other obstacles. The robot will also be able to avoid low-lying obstacles. A Nuclear Inspection robot that can walk on a flat surface is a major step forward. There is no doubt that a robot like this will save lives in a disaster zone. With the help of modern technology, our future will be brighter than we can imagine.

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