Abby – What Does the Name Abby Mean?

Introduction Abby

Although it is often used as a boy’s name, Abby is a sweet baby girl name. Its origin is African-Gambian, and its pronunciation is AEB-iy-plus. Abbey and Abi are abbreviated forms of the names in English and German, respectively.

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Similar to Scottish Abigail, Hebrew Abigail, and German Abigail in connotation. Read on to find out more about the name Abby and its history if you’re thinking of calling your new baby girl.

You may learn all of the meanings associated with the name in texting by conducting a search for the phrase. You may always look up what other people have written about on Google or Wikipedia if you’re unsure. You might be surprised by the definition Below, we’ve included a handful of our faves.

If you’re unsure about what means, try looking it up in various inquiry formats. You may define dear abby by using question frameworks like “will you be my girlfriend?”
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The woman who lived there for many years served as the source of the house’s name. An abolitionist and supporter of women’s rights, Abby Hernandez Kelley Foster. In 1811, Kelley Foster’s family relocated to Worcester from Pelham, Massachusetts, where she was born.

The woman had a strong feeling of independence and dedication because she was nurtured in the Quaker faith. Around the world, lengthy career as a lecturer and agitator inspired women.

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