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Introduction ancient roman culture

Ancient Roman Culture is famous for its love of children. The male members of the family were known as paterfamilias. Fathers held power over the family and could sell their children into slavery for the sake of a better life. Fathers could also adopt adult males to continue the family name. No member of the family could leave the family without the consent of the father. The Roman emperor adopted this concept and represented himself as the great father of the Roman people.

There were two classes of Romans: patricians, who were nobility and were wealthy land owners. Plebeians, on the other hand, were low-class tradesmen and poor. The Romans had a hierarchy of classes were largely similar. The head of the household was the oldest male in the family and had power over the entire household. Women had little influence in the home, but they did have authority over the household, such as in the case of the wealthy. In addition to this, the rich had tutors to teach their children.

In addition to being a religious society, the Romans also practiced modern values. They valued honesty and the keeping of agreements and oaths. They were also highly superstitious, seeking omens before taking action. As a result, many people sought advice from famous oracles, who were usually slaves who had been employed in book publishers’ workshops. Despite the high cost of books, the Romans enjoyed reading Ancient Roman Culture.

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