Artsy, formerly, Is Back

Introduction Artsy

A website called Artsy, originally called, links art enthusiasts with galleries. It maps relationships between parts using a search engine and database. Artsy focuses on current and contemporary art, not trends, in contrast to many other art websites. It features a big database of artists and their works, which helps make its website more useful. To locate the ideal piece of art, search the full database.

Artsy was able to stay open and even expand in size following the epidemic, when conventional galleries may have been forced to close. For a few hundred dollars, customers may acquire artwork from up-and-coming artists on its digital gallery marketplace.

Keith Haring to Banksy is just a few of the artists on The website has connected with several significant and independent galleries, enabling customers to purchase straight from them. Sales at soared by 300 percent when the coronavirus struck, and there were 30% more online auctions that were enabled.

The search engine makes it quicker, simpler, and more effective for buyers and sellers to find and purchase art. It’s more like looking through a gallery, but with more interaction and back and forth. Users may choose whether to bid manually or automatically using Artsy’s user-friendly auction system.

Users can also establish a maximum bid for a live auction using the bidding mechanism. The system will gradually raise bids up until the maximum amount is attained when the minimum bid is met.

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