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Ballhype – Social Networking For Sports Fans

Introduction Ballhype

If you love sports, you have probably heard of Ballhype. It’s a new sports news site with a social networking aspect that allows users to share stories, vote them up, and add comments to stories. And, like Digg, BallHype prioritizes categorization over comments. It also aims to cater to local sports fans, making it easy to find local content. You can also add friends and groups and take advantage of basic social networking features.

Ballhype is a sports blog

If you’re a sports fanatic, you’ve probably heard of Ballhype. The site is comprised of a sports blog, but it’s more than just a sports news site. Users can sort the stories by their favorite sport, team, or player, or by the teams that play in Detroit. You can even mark favorite categories and blogs and drill down to the specific headlines that interest you.

It’s a social media application

If you are a sports fan, then you’ve probably heard of Ballhype. The San Francisco-based company has acquired the sports story discovery site and plans to continue to operate it as part of their new media business, Future US. While Ballhype has a sister site, ShowHype, that is a social networking site focused on entertainment news, the acquisition will help increase its monetization.

It’s a Digg clone

Despite the popularity of Digg, there are dozens of sites that claim to be a Digg clone. TechCrunch wrote an article recently on the clones, noting that “Digg-style voting mechanism” is also a popular choice for other sites. It also notes that Digg is difficult to break out of because its audience is predominantly geeks. Other sites that use the Digg model have limited appeal to a less tech-savvy crowd.

It auto-aggregates stories

The founders of the Ballhype auto-aggregation site, which recently merged with the Showhype news site, have spent the last year rapidly growing the company. The sites now receive over two million monthly visitors, and the company plans to expand into other vertical categories in the future. But it first focused on the categories it knew best: celebrities and tech news. Since it was founded, Future has been tracking the company’s growth closely and recently acquired Ballhype.

It lets users vote on stories

Ballhype is a social media site for sports fanatics. It combines community-submitted news engines, the fanaticism of sports fans, and the reach of SportsBlogs Nation. It spiders over 1,600 sports blogs to provide a daily dose of sports news. The site suggests changing the game and hyping it up. It officially launches today. Read on to learn more about this social media site.

It allows users to customize the home page

Ballhype is a sports news and social networking site that combine content from over 1,600 sports blogs and other sources. Users can vote for stories they like and create groups to compete against other fans. The site prioritizes categorization. The home page can be customized to include a favorite player, game stats, and other news related to your favorite team. Users can also add their friends, create groups, and use basic social networking features such as liking, commenting, and sharing.

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