MediaTakeOut: Inside the Controversial World of Celebrity Gossip


MediaTakeOut (also known as MTO News) is a celebrity gossip website that was launched in 2006. It quickly gained popularity for its exclusive stories, sensational rumors, and controversial headlines that covered everything from music to movies and sports. Media Takeout has become one of the most visited websites in the celebrity gossip niche and has been a significant force in the rise of online journalism.


Media Take Out was founded by Fred Mwangaguhunga, a former Wall Street attorney turned entrepreneur. He created the website to fill a gap in the market for a website that would provide celebrity gossip from an urban perspective. The website started small, but it quickly gained traction due to its unique content and often controversial headlines.


Media Take Out’s content focuses on breaking news, rumors, and exclusive stories about celebrities. The website covers a wide range of topics, including music, movies, fashion, and sports. Its content is often sensational and controversial, which has contributed to its popularity.

Coverage of Movies

MediaTakeOut has a dedicated section for movie news and gossip. The website covers the latest updates on upcoming movies, including cast announcements, trailers, and release dates. mediatakeout.com also reports on behind-the-scenes drama and controversies in the movie industry.

One of the biggest movie controversies that Media Take Out covered was the infamous 2016 #OscarsSoWhite controversy. The controversy centered around the lack of diversity in the nominations for the 88th Academy Awards. MediaTakeOut was one of the first websites to report on the issue, and their coverage helped bring attention to the issue, leading to changes in the Academy’s voting and membership procedures.

Impact on Celebrity Culture

MediaTakeOut has had a significant impact on celebrity culture. The website has broken many stories about celebrities, some of which have led to major scandals and controversies. Media Take Out has also contributed to the rise of the “clickbait” style of online journalism, where headlines are designed to be attention-grabbing rather than informative.

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MediaTakeOut’s coverage of the drama surrounding the Kardashian family is a prime example of its impact on celebrity culture. The website has covered every aspect of the family’s personal lives, from Kim Kardashian’s multiple marriages to the birth of her children. Media Take Out’s coverage has contributed to the Kardashian family’s rise to fame and has helped shape the way that people view celebrity culture.


Despite its popularity, Media Takeout has been criticized for its accuracy and reliability. Some of its stories have been proven false or misleading. The website has also been accused of promoting negative stereotypes about African Americans and perpetuating harmful myths about mental health and substance abuse.

One of the most controversial stories that MTO News has published was a false report that claimed that rapper Jay-Z had a love child. The story was quickly debunked, and MediaTakeOut was forced to issue an apology. The incident highlighted the risks of relying on gossip websites for accurate news.


Media Take Out continues to grow in popularity, its future remains bright. The website has recently undergone a redesign to improve its user experience, and it is continually expanding its content offerings. Media Take Out remains a go-to destination for those looking for the latest celebrity news and gossip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is MediaTakeOut?
MediaTakeOut is a celebrity news and gossip website that provides the latest news, rumors, and entertainment updates about celebrities in the music, television, and film industries.

2. Is MediaTakeOut a reliable source of news?
MediaTakeOut is known for publishing sensational news stories and rumors that are not always accurate. While some of the stories on the site may be true, readers should take the information with a grain of salt and verify it with other reputable sources.

3. How often is MediaTakeOut updated?
MediaTakeOut is updated multiple times per day with new articles and stories.

4. Is MediaTakeOut free to access?
Yes, MediaTakeOut is free to access and does not require a subscription or payment to view its content.

5. Does MediaTakeOut cover international news?
While MediaTakeOut primarily focuses on celebrities and entertainment news in the United States, it does occasionally cover international news and events.

6. How can I contact MediaTakeOut?
MediaTakeOut does not have a publicly listed contact email or phone number, but readers can reach out to the site through its social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


www mediatakeout has had a significant impact on celebrity culture, breaking many stories and contributing to the rise of clickbait journalism. While the website has been criticized for its accuracy and controversial content, it remains a popular destination for those looking for the latest celebrity news and gossip.

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