Mumtaz And Shammi Kapoor’s Affair

Mumtaz reveals why she rejects marriage proposal In 1960

mumtaz reveals why rejected Shammi Kapoor Affair: When Mumtaz was 18 years old, Shammi Kapoor’s affair came for her. It is said that both were very fond of each other, but they could not get married due to the condition of the actor.

Mumtaz and Shammi Kapoor Affair: Today we will talk about the famous actress of 60-70s, Mumtaz, whose personal life is like a movie story. According to media reports, a year after Mamta’s birth in 1947, her father and mother separated. It is said that Mamta’s childhood was spent in extreme poverty. Mumtaz starred in some of the brightest films of the era and still remembers her pairing with superstar Rajesh Khanna. Mamtaaj was passionate about acting since childhood and entered the acting world only at the age of 11 years.

Recognition gained from working with Dara Singh

As a child artiste, Mumtaz reveals started her career in films with ‘Sone Ki Chidiya’. After this, Mumtaz appeared in many more films, but her real recognition in the industry came from the film ‘Foulad’ opposite Dara Singh, it is said that many actresses refused to work with her due to Dara Singh’s status. In such circumstances, Mumtaz acted in Faulad opposite Dara Singh. The pairing of Mumtaz and Dara Singh was well-liked on the big screen and according to media reports, they worked together in 16 more films after that.

Mumtaz reveals her marriage with Shammi Kapoor was pending

Mumtaz reveals Shammi Kapoor Affair

According to reports, Mumtaz got into a relationship with Shammi Kapoor when she was 18 years old. It is said that both were very fond of each other, but they could not get married due to a condition of the actor. Actually Shammi wanted Mumtaz not to work in films after marriage and this was not acceptable to Mumtaz. Notably, Mumtaz married businessman Mayur Madhbani at the age of 27 and moved to London.

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