The Best Ways to Cook Bacon

Bacon is a salt-cured meat product made from various cuts of pork, most commonly from the belly and less fatty areas of the back. It is typically consumed as a side dish, but can also be a central ingredient in a dish as a flavoring or accent. It is an essential part of many dishes. Here are some of the most popular ways to use Bacon. Read on to learn about their unique flavor profiles and discover their benefits.

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The best way to cook bacon is by using a skillet. A skillet will allow six to eight strips to cook at a time. Place the strips in the pan without overlapping. Place the bacon strips over the pan, turning frequently and allowing them to crisp. Drain the cooked bacon on paper towels. Bacon can also be smoked at home. If you’re into experimenting with bacon flavors, try adding them before cooking. It’s not necessary to preheat the pan.

The key to great bacon is to make sure you cook it thoroughly. Bacon contains about half the meat, and the rest is fat. This fat is what provides the most flavor, allowing the bacon to be both tender and crispy. You should aim for a fat-to-meat ratio of one-half to two-thirds. Bacon is a great addition to breakfast and brunch menus. It lends a distinctive flavor to many dishes.

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