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Saint Maarten is a wonderful destination, and although it may not be the first place that springs to mind when planning a Caribbean holiday, there are plenty of activities to keep visitors occupied. From sandy beaches and lush foliage to vibrant nightlife and historical monuments, Saint Maarten has something for everyone. Here’s an overview of some of the top things to do during your stay, according to the folks at Capital Vacations.

Visit Marigot Bay

Marigot Bay is a stunning natural harbor on the French side of the island and one of the most beautiful spots in all of Saint Maarten. With crystal-clear turquoise water surrounded by palm trees and rolling hills, it’s perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or simply lounging in the sun. If you’d prefer a more active experience, why not rent paddleboards or kayaks to explore the bay? Or take a glass-bottomed boat tour with knowledgeable guides who can tell you about marine life and other local points of interest.

Explore Philipsburg

The Dutch capital Philipsburg is full of amazing sights and attractions, from colonial buildings to bustling markets. The main street runs along Great Bay Beach, where you can sunbathe during the day and sip cocktails at beach bars at night. Don’t miss Front Street – grab a bite from one of its many food outlets or browse its designer stores.

Hike Mount Concordia

For those who prefer nature over city life, scaling Mount Concordia is a must – it’s even listed as one UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its cultural significance. Crowned by remains of an old fort built by French forces in 1801–1802, this peak gives awesome panoramic views across both sides of the island – don’t forget your camera!

Take In The Local Culture At Musee de Flibustier

If history has always fascinated you, then head down to Musee de Flibustier situated on Grand Case Bay to learn about Saint Maarteen’s traditional buccaneering culture as well as see artifacts that offer insight into their past lives, such as swords and cannons used in old battles; impressively detailed paintings also line its walls completing each display perfectly!

Have A Taste Of Local Cuisine At Karakter Kitchen & Bar

Trying out local cuisine is part and parcel when it comes to traveling but don’t expect just basic dishes here – Karakter Kitchen & Bar serves up tasty combinations of Creole-infused flavors as crispy duck confit served alongside plantains. Their signature plate, “Rice N’ Pea,” is definitely worth trying too – made by combining peas which have been cooked until reduced with long grain rice, this dish packs quite a punch yet still manages to taste great with every bite!

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Cruise To Tintamarre Island

For an extra special adventure during your trip, why not jump aboard an original pirate ship (yes, really) which will take you off towards Tintamarre Island? It may appear small, but this tiny gem has plenty going on – trek through areas covered by cacti or uncover hidden ruins tucked away within dense jungle foliage; continue onto Anse Marcel beach, where snorkeling among colorful corals awaits before sailing back home once again! Visiting Saint Maarten promises plenty of activity-packed days filled with beautiful sights whether you’d prefer exploring nature or immersing yourself in local culture of Saint Maarten – what more could anyone ask for?

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