Alvas Showroom – A Unique and Intimate Venue

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In addition to its amazing selection, the Alvas Showroom has a unique and intimate atmosphere. You can enjoy live music and performances in this intimate venue. You can also interact with the musicians and other performers by signing autographs and posing for photos. A visit to the Alvas Showroom is an absolute must. Guests of all ages can enjoy a variety of musical performances here. The Alvas Showroom has become a favorite among local musicians and has hosted numerous prestigious events and functions.

While working with professionals, ALVA students will be able to visualize themselves as future engineers. Companies like Blue Origin and The Boeing Company have hosted ALVA interns, where students gain invaluable professional mentorships. Internships typically begin in mid-late June and last nine to twelve weeks depending on the host site. Alumnae who participates in ALVA have gained hands-on experience while working with professionals from various industries. These students will also be able to network with students from other schools and complete projects that will help them land a job.

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