How to Build a Small Pond Instead of Using a Boat

How to Build a Small Pond

If you have always dreamed of fishing from your own small pond, but do not have the funds or time to rent a boat, you can use your own pond. It is also a great way to get out into the open air and spend some quality time with your family. You can also learn more about fish care and maintenance. Listed below are some tips on how to start enjoying your new pond.

Water quality

small pond ideas with waterfall

A study by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources found that motorized watercraft contribute to poor water quality in lakes and ponds. Not only do boats add metals and chemicals to the water column, but they also release unburned fuel. Two-stroke motors emit twenty-five to thirty percent of the gas and oil mixture into the water. A four-stroke motor emits less than one-tenth of the amount of pollution. Boat pollution affects the dissolved oxygen and pH levels of lakes and can even influence the type of fish found in them.


One way to save money on a boat is to build a small pond instead. Building a pond is easier than you think. You can get permits for your pond from your local code enforcement office. Before you begin, make sure you follow the guidelines outlined in the U.S. Department of Agriculture Handbook 590. A permit will also allow you to create a boat ramp.


When it comes to maintaining a small pond, you’ll want to keep in mind that bacteria are your best friend. By removing sediments, you will be able to increase the abundance of plankton and zooplankton. These are beneficial creatures that help to build the food chain. In addition, fertilizer and lime can be used to increase the pH of the water. However, you need to remember that your pond is not going to be the perfect home for the boat that you want to use to explore it.

Fish management

One of the biggest misconceptions about pond fish management is that a large pond requires special equipment and specialized knowledge to manage. Even a small pond can be managed efficiently. By adjusting the composition of the water and stocking with appropriate species, you can achieve results similar to a mega-pond. In fact, you might be able to catch a fish on nearly every cast – a fantastic benefit for kids.

Choosing a primary objective for a pond

When considering the construction of a new pond, it is important to consider several factors, including topography, soil texture, and water supply. Choosing a location that is compatible with your goals is essential, as the location may be compromised by other activities. Also, be sure to consider the convenience and appearance of the new pond as these factors will affect how you use it.

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