The Benefits of an Airless Tire

An Airless tire is also called a pneumatic-less tire. These tires do not use air pressure to support them. Many small vehicles, including motorized golf carts and riding lawn mowers, have these types of tires. They are also more environmentally friendly than standard tires because they do not require air pressure to operate. To learn more about the benefits of this type of tire, continue reading! We’ve listed some of the most common uses of an Airless tire.

For one thing, airless tires have a much wider contact patch with the road, which increases rolling resistance. This increased rolling resistance increases the drag on the vehicle, resulting in higher fuel consumption. Another drawback is that the stiffness of an airless tire transmits road irregularities to the suspension and occupants. While airless tires are expected to be more expensive, both Michelin and Goodyear have not yet disclosed market prices. Because this type of tire is still in its infancy, the prices of these tires are not yet known.

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Michelin is developing a prototype airless tire for the Chevrolet Bolt EV. The prototype will undergo proving grounds and lab tests. It will then be mounted on a new model of the LTATV Special Forces vehicle. Once improved, the airless tire will be sent to the U.S. Army’s Tropic Regions Test Center (TRTC) in Suriname for further testing. In addition to GM, Tweel will be tested on Chevrolet Bolt EVs in Michigan.

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