What Is Air Suspension?

What Is Universal Air Suspension?

An air suspension system is a type of vehicle suspension. These suspension systems use an electric or engine-driven air pump to help control vehicle height. The air pumps are designed to push air into flexible bellows, usually made of textile-reinforced rubber. These flexible bellows allow the vehicle to move and maintain its level of comfort and safety. An air suspension system can be used for almost any type of vehicle.

To Learn More About Universal Air Suspension systems

This type of suspension system is typically fitted between the rear axle and chassis. It increases the ride height of the vehicle under load and creates a constant ride height. This is an excellent way to increase the vehicle’s comfort and stability. The air springs themselves look like two oval-shaped structures horizontally placed. These parts are mounted between the front and rear axles, and they use air pressure to adjust the ride height. These systems are also great for customizing the look of your car.

Universal Air Suspension systems come in manual and electronic models. These can be installed by a weekend mechanic or a seasoned car tech. The air suspension system enables the driver to select the best setting for comfort and control over the car in all driving conditions. It increases cornering speeds and gives drivers more control over the car’s handling. The adjustable suspension system also helps reduce drag at higher speeds. Lastly, it can be raised for off-road driving.

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