What Is Homework Spelled Backwards?

Ever wondered what is homework spelled backwards? Read on to find out why this phrase has been popular for so long and where it came from. If you haven’t already, it comes from the Latin word krowemoh, meaning homework. The idea for “what is homework spelled backwards” was first brought to light in a thread on Reddit on 1st January 2021.

Homework spelled backwards

There’s a rumor circulating online: ‘Homework spelled backwards’ actually means ‘child abuse’ in Latin. But, this claim has been shattered by a Snopes user. As Alex Kasprak pointed out in a recent article, the word ‘homework’ in Latin is not the same as the word ‘child’. Moreover, the ‘W’ was never a part of the classical Latin alphabet, and it did not become widely used until the 1500s.Click here for more information about

The viral claim of “homework spelled backwards” came into being after a person went looking for Latin words. Using a Latin dictionary and Google Translate, Snopes was able to rule out this theory. The word “krowemoh” is not actually a Latin word. Its true meaning is “child abuse.”

Meaning of “krowemoh” in Latin

The term “krowemoh” in Latin is a misnomer. It means “homework” spelled backwards, but that’s not the meaning in Latin. This word is a palindrome, meaning it can mean the same thing when spelled backwards as it does forwards. In Latin, a palindrome is a word that is pronounced the same way both forwards and backwards.

It’s not that Latin word is sinister, as its meaning is a complete jumble. Despite its backwards spelling, the Latin word “krowemoh” does not correspond to the word in any dictionary. It is commonly assumed that the word was a backwards version of the common word “homework.” This is false, however, as the meaning of child abuse is not the same in Latin as in English.


The phrase “homework backwards” has multiple meanings, but when translated into Latin, the word actually means “child abuse.” This claim has been disputed by linguistic experts, but it may be an unintentional joke that has been spreading across social networks for years. If you want to learn the origins of the phrase, here are some fascinating facts. First, the word itself means “again, in the same direction” in Latin.

A viral claim suggests that the word ‘homework backwards’ actually translates into Latin as ‘child abuse’. Snopes debunked this claim by explaining that ‘homework’ does not actually mean ‘child abuse’ in Latin. As the Latin word ‘krowemoh’ is a jumble of letters, this claim was not found in a dictionary or Google Translate.

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